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José Luis Navarro Llorens sits down with The Paypers

The Embedded Finance (EF) and Bank-as-a-Service (BaaS) ecosystem is expanding at lightning speed and is in the process of defining of the roles of the new stakeholders entering the ecosystem, who are looking to fill niches or create new services. How will the Embedded Finance and Bank-as-a-Service sector evolve? José Luis Navarro Llorens is Head […]

BBVA APIs, Digital ecosystem / 08 November 2023
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How to increase your e-commerce sales

In a hyper-competitive environment with everything just a couple of clicks away, starting, maintaining or growing e-commerce sales is a big challenge for businesses. In this scenario, it is necessary to resort to strategies to improve online sales, such as making offers, increasing perceived value through sales strategies, or using technology that enhances the buying […]

APIs, BBVA APIs, e-Commerce / 13 June 2023
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Digital banking or electronic banking

Digital banking or electronic banking is the future of the banking sector, with more and more functionalities and possibilities Digital banking, the virtual and infrastructure transformation of banking telecommunications, is increasingly used. Its ubiquity, accessibility, speed, availability, security and the diversity of available functionalities have clearly attracted users. What is digital banking? What are its […]

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Examples of REST API

ST APIs are an example of an API development architecture increasingly used within companies, partly due to the separation between client and server, the process scalability and reliability, and the low number of resources required by the system. What is a REST API and what architecture examples are available to companies? What can an API […]

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The seven best open banking apps of 2022

2022 is a year characterized by a veritable explosion of open banking apps, and we have selected the most outstanding ones Open banking apps have been growing along with this new ecosystem for years. New regulations and new layers of technology, focusing, have led thousands of startups to launch new products. Some of them are […]

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How to finance a car? 3 tips

If you want to finance a car, you must analyze all the options: how does financing work, and when should it be done? How to finance a car is a very frequent question both from individuals with mobility needs and from companies that need a vehicle to use. Is it better to make a conventional […]

BBVA APIs, Pagos / 11 May 2022
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What is the difference between leasing and renting?

The difference between leasing and renting can bring competitive advantages to companies, so it is worth understanding each of these models. The difference between leasing and renting can be critical for the economic model of an SME or a self-employed person. Renting and leasing are different models for using a car, as are buying, carsharing […]

BBVA APIs / 10 May 2022
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‘FX’ Forex API: how companies can automate their currencies

Currency automation is a key feature of companies with international cash flows. This is how APIs can help. Companies are looking for services integrated into their management systems (ERP) that simplify their daily operations and allow them a high level of information traceability or the possibility of automating their operations. APIs (Application Programming Interface) are […]

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