Open Banking success stories from our partners

Learn how companies that collaborate with us have managed to drive a true digital transformation into their businesses thanks to BBVA’s APIs.

The keys to their success

These case studies are real experiences of how other companies have used BBVA’s APIs as a catalyst for their digital transformation.


Working with BBVA API_Market and BBVA, a top bank brand with a track record of stability and reliability, enabled Wise to acquire more business customers.

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Catch wanted to scale a business with new products for the modern workforce, built on embedded banking and payments tech.

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Azlo wanted to give digital natives the experience they craved, built with the expertise of a top U.S. bank.

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In working with BBVA, Simple wanted to create an experience that customers loved, at scale, leveraging the power and expertise of a top U.S. bank.

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Working with BBVA, Tuvoli found a way to automate payments and streamline commerce within a B2B marketplace for private aviation.

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Collaborating with BBVA, Digit has been able to take advantage of an easy-to-implement and scalable banking and payment platform to take its business to the next level.

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