Digit and BBVA

Digit and BBVA had one key objective in working together: to create radically better saving experiences for Digit’s customers with BBVA’s flexible, scalable banking and payments APIs.

What is Digit?

Digit is a popular finance app that calculates an optimized amount of money to set aside every day, based on each customer’s income and spending, and automatically saves it to help customers meet financial goals, pay off credit card debt and save for a rainy day. Digit’s mission is to make financial health effortless, using automation to fundamentally change how people approach their finances.

What is Digit Pay?

Digit Pay lets customers make automatic payments toward their credit cards with money saved in Digit. When a customer creates a goal to pay down credit card debt on Digit, Digit will periodically move money from that customer’s checking account towards that goal, based on what they can afford. Once a month, Digit Pay automatically makes an extra payment to the customer’s credit card with the money that has been saved. Customers can go on living their lives, knowing Digit is chipping away at their debt in the background.  

How does Digit work with BBVA?

For several years, Digit operated its very successful, closed-loop savings service with another bank provider. To allow its customers to use saved funds to pay their credit card bills, Digit realized it would need to add a new banking provider. Digit found a unique solution in BBVA. Rather than taking on the time, cost and complexity of integrating with multiple bank providers and payments providers to enable its services, Digit leveraged BBVA’s ability to run all pieces of its Digit Pay payment flow on one, unified, fully compliant platform.

During a pilot program, BBVA’s Client Integration Team met with Digit once a week and communicated constantly via a dedicated chat channel to help Digit answer questions and resolve challenges in real time.

Working with BBVA has allowed Digit to enhance its relationship with its customers and grow its business in a way that was easy to implement and scale, with the opportunity to offer additional services to its customers through BBVA in the future.

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BBVA’s intuitively designed APIs are enabling us to expand the ways in which Digit improves our customers’ financial lives.

Samar Shah

Head of Operations, Digit

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