Simple and BBVA

In working with BBVA, Simple wanted to create an experience that customers loved, at scale, leveraging the power and expertise of a top U.S. bank.

What is Simple?

Back in 2009, Simple’s founders set out to answer some big questions: Why is banking so complicated? Can a bank exist to help people, not confuse them? What if banks didn’t charge so many ridiculous fees? What if your bank taught you to feel confident with money?

The answer to each question was Simple. Since the company’s commercial launch in 2012, Simple has set a new standard for personal banking and is changing the way people bank and think about money. Simple offers all the online and mobile banking, budgeting and saving tools its customers need to manage their money, save for things they need and spend responsibly on things they want. It delivers all of this within a beautifully designed user experience, with customer support that really cares.

How does Simple work with BBVA?

Simple offered its customers debit cards and bank accounts from the outset, but by joining forces with BBVA USA, in 2014, Simple found a company that shares its passion for transformative banking.

BBVA’s APIs offers Simple’s customers access to ground-breaking new cards, accounts and payments services, supported by BBVA USA’s real-time core banking system, the first in the country.

BBVA has helped Simple to scale effortlessly, realize its outstanding growth potential and supports its future expansion. Its innovative suite of white label APIs allows Simple to achieve ownership of the customer experience, from its mobile apps all the way through to its core banking stack. Working with BBVA has given the company the kind of flexibility and control that is the envy of would-be competitors – and has enabled an entirely new level of innovation.

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BBVA’s real-time APIs are miles ahead of what banks typically offer technology companies looking to access banking services. Most banks provide buggy, poorly designed APIs that make banking harder than it should be and only offer access to a fraction of the data and services they could provide.

David Hijirida

CEO of Simple Finance

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