5 interesting articles about the power of open data

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Digital transformation / 05 November 2018
5 interesting articles about the power of open data
5 interesting articles about the power of open data


Open data is revolutionizing the way solutions are proposed and decisions are made, and it´s impossible to calculate its potential. They are the topic of reports in all kind of media all over the world.

Spain is a leader in management of open data in digital public services, according to the latest issue of the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI), which was recently published by the European Union. Following from this good news, we have selected a series of interesting articles about open data and its potential.

1. Specific case studies

We already mentioned the large number of applicationswhich use aggregate data for social improvement. And this is even more so if the data is open and can be shared so that discoveries and analyses reach an even bigger scale.

The availability of massive databases on economics, sociology, demographics, medicine and in many other categories means that researchers and academics have large sources with which to test their models. For example, OECD, the British National Health Service and the World Bank.


2. Predicting crime in New York with data

This very appealing article about the power of open data reads almost like a movie script. The New York city council and the Spanish company Synergic Partners have integrated different data to understand where, how and what type of crime is committed in the Big Apple and, as a result, to be able to prevent it.

The data includes information from the city’s police force, pattern data (purchasing power, unemployment rate, etc.), current events from The New York Times, share prices, the city’s cultural program and even weather data.

Another recent article tells us the entire history of open data related to New York City.


3. Big Data, an antidote against corruption?

Nuria Oliver, an expert in artificial intelligence and Big Data and co-author of the report “The Tyranny of Data? The Bright and Dark Sides of Data-Driven Decision-Making for Social Good”, published an interesting reflection in the Spanish newspaper El País.

She analyzes how data help in decision-making and asks questions such as how “worrying” it can be that algorithms rather than people make decisions (the tyranny of data) and addresses the issue of privacy.


4. The revolution of open data

Beth Simone Noveck, professor of Engineering at NYU, Visiting Clinical Professor of Law at Yale and Director of The Governance Lab, wrote an article for Brick News about how open data can revolutionize a society in crisis.

She mentions how open government data — namely publishing information collected and classified by governments, such as spending records, visitor logs, and even hospital infection rates — is enabling a diverse set of stakeholders to make informed decisions about the behind-the-scenes processes that govern their daily lives.

She writes a brief summary of the progress of open data, as well as an analysis of its impact and how it is making it possible to create tools to improve citizen decision-making in the marketplace.


5. More effective Open data

Juliet Van Wagenen wrote an article for State Tech magazine which describes four ways of building a more effective open data program. Her piece explains that building transparency and delivering more effective services are just a few of the ways well-built open data programs can improve a city.

She also suggests four steps: getting a Chief Data Officer; establishing an easy-to-use website; catering to your citizens; and reporting and reviewing your open data strategy.


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