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How to increase your e-commerce sales

In a hyper-competitive environment with everything just a couple of clicks away, starting, maintaining or growing e-commerce sales is a big challenge for businesses. In this scenario, it is necessary to resort to strategies to improve online sales, such as making offers, increasing perceived value through sales strategies, or using technology that enhances the buying […]

APIs, BBVA APIs, e-Commerce / 13 June 2023
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7 benefits of introducing APIs in an e-commerce business

APIs help online retailers to gain more insight into their customers so they can offer them products tailored to their needs at exactly the right time. This is partly possible thanks to the knowledge an API can give you. APIs are becoming the key to the success of an e-commerce business because they build more scalable platforms. 

APIs, e-Commerce / 26 November 2019
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Everything you need to know about Alibaba’s APIs

Alibaba is the paradigm of a company capable of accelerating growth through technology. In less than one decade it has grown from an intermediary to a benchmark in technological progress. Proof of it are products such as Alipay, now present in the BBVA ecosystem.

APIs, e-Commerce / 25 February 2019
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