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Systems to create websites

Selecting the best platform to build your web is a difficult task. This infography shows you the strengths and weaknesses of the three main platforms of web development.

Developers / 22 May 2014
Andrés Martínez interview, Google Spain

Andrés Martínez interview, Google Spain

Andres Martinez is the Developer Program Manager of Google Spain. He is the Google member that has been more involved in InnovaApps+ project, a joint initiative between Google and BBVA that challenges the developers to build open source productivity solutions that could benefit Spain´s and Latam´s business network, as well as increase the efficiency of […]

Developers / 20 May 2014
Sebas Muriel interview, Tuenti

Sebas Muriel interview, Tuenti

Sebastian Muriel is the Chief Operations Officer of Tuenti, one of the most popular social networks in Spain. During this years, Tuenti has become in something more than just a social network, it is a framework of IT projects. Among them, there is an mobile virtual operator. Muriel tells us about the evolution and the way of work at Tuenti.

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