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What’s up, Facebook?

What’s up, Facebook?

Facebook ended 2013 with two exciting news: the renewal of their exclusive portal for developers and the launch of the App Center Videos. Here we explain what they are.

Developers / 21 January 2014
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Why develop in HTML5?

Today, programming HTML5 applications offers excellent results. We give you the keys to develop successful apps taking advantage of all the benefits offered by this environment.

Developers / 16 January 2014
Sergio Alvarez interview, Vizzuality

Sergio Alvarez interview, Vizzuality

Sergio Alvarez is the founder of the startup called Vizzuality. It is a visualizations studio that aims to make science more accessible and improve the decision making. Currently, Vizzuality has 15 employees and offices in New York and Madrid. Alvarez tells us about the process of building a startup that currently collaborates with NASA, Oxford University and Yale University, among other institutions.

Developers, Entrepreneurs / 14 January 2014
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