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Five must-read e-books on open source

If you want to know more about the open source philosophy, BBVAopen4u makes it easy for you with a selection of five e-books. They will bring you up to date and help you learn more about the regulation, use, advantages and fundamental role of open source as an engine for innovation.

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Winners of the world’s Best Open Banking services award!

Trade publication ‘Retail Banker International’, part of the British platform Verdict, has named BBVA as the world's ‘Best Open Banking’ services provider, particularly thanks to BBVA API_Market, a business unit it describes as an "industry pioneer". We took the award ahead of HSBC and Lloyds, the other two shortlisted banks.

BBVA APIs, Fintech / 05 June 2018
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With this first post we would like to welcome you to a new space: the BBVA API_Market Blog. This is a place to share with all readers the progress made, news, analysis and latest features about our APIs and what is happening regarding them.

BBVA APIs, Fintech / 30 November 2017
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