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PayStats, the best way to get the most out of your aggregated data

 How much does a 30 year old woman spend on restaurants, at which times and on which days of the week? What is the average bill for a meal in zip code 28100? If I close a road to traffic, will people's consumer habits change? What impact does a big event like World Pride have? Where do my buying customers come from? Where do they go? These are just some of the questions answered by PayStats.

BBVA APIs / 19 September 2018
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BBVA: open banking pioneer

Open banking is transforming the way we understand finance. This revolution is opening the door to a world of collaboration and opportunities, generating value for customers and new business models. "Open banking is going to improve people's lives. Their digital lives as well as those that are not so digital," Ricardo Segoviano, Head of BBVA API Market, recently explained.


Five lessons on open banking from the UK

Five lessons on open banking from the UK

In recent years, the United Kingdom has become one of the strongest supporters of open banking worldwide. It all started when HM Treasury decided to create a working group on this matter in 2015; then, one and half years ago, an entity was created to handle the transition; and, in January 13, 2018 standards were implemented and the UK is now at the forefront of open banking.

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