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Ebook: Mobile web and monetization

Google's two latest projects refer to the websites of the future and are mostly focused on content loading speed and user experience. These two issues have become an obsession for Google, not only in terms of the media but also as referents to the whole World Wide Web.  If you want to know more about it, you can download this ebook.

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Can Fintech improve authentication and security?

Keeping your digital identity safe is one of the main challenges of the financial services industry. Using APIs is a way to improve security and minimize risk, quickly and cost effectively. And there are other tools, as biometrics, geolocation and social media.

Business development / 11 November 2016
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Can payments be easier, faster, and more secure?

There’s probably nothing more fundamental in financial services than the need to safely and securely make a payment. But payments are far from simple, and global changes are transforming the payments sector. Recently, BBVA’s Fintech University in San Francisco put a spotlight on the topic. At the forum, a panel of experts discussed payments from a Silicon Valley perspective. 

Business development, Payments / 28 October 2016
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