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Benefits and applications of Big Data

The consultants Mckinsey highlight the four ways Big Data can generate value for any industry: First, Big Data generates value by making information transparent and relatively easy to use. Second, by creating and storing more transactional data in a digital form, organizations can gather more accurate and detailed information –from inventories to days taken off work–, thus improving performance. In fact, […]

APIs, Digital transformation / 06 February 2020
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Wanted: experts in Big Data

The demand for experts specializing in Big Data has increased exponentially in recent years. After the boom in the creation and distribution of information, companies have poured all their resources into recruiting profiles capable of managing these vast sums of data. 

Digital transformation / 24 January 2020
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The Apache Hadoop system

The Apache Hadoop system is the software (open source) most commonly associated with Big Data. Is designed to handle hundreds of computers from individual servers, each offering local computing and storage. It works as a framework that allows large volumes of data to be processed through groups of computers using simple programming models.

Digital transformation / 20 January 2020
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How APIs are powering smart cities

Companies and institutions are coming together to develop smart cities as international meeting points and business hubs. Barcelona, New York, the Australian government or the EU for example have been using APIs to drive connected cities. Rudolf Giffinger, one of the world's leading experts in urban development, defines smart cities using six clearly separate criteria: economy, mobility, environment, administration, way of life and residents. Most cities in the world assess their characteristics as smart cities based on these values. 

APIs, Digital transformation / 03 December 2019
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The seven Vs of Big Data

Data chains are the new value chains. Big Data is a concept that describes the large volume of structured and unstructured data which currently floods the business world. However, what really matters is what you do with the data rather than how many they are.


Digital transformation / 02 December 2019


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