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The role of APIs in UX

To foster the use of your API and to make it understandable it is essential to think of the user experience provided to other developers. We tell the UX characteristics you must take into account when you develop an API.

APIs, User Experience / 23 November 2018
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Notifications: indispensable to the relationship with users

The widespread use of smartphones and the download of native applications are unstoppable phenomena in the worldwide market. Having a good notification service is an indispensable factor in creating closer relationships with users. And the initiatives in this sphere are increasingly more personalized.

User Experience / 31 October 2018
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Resources for programmers

The profile of programmer is one of the most sought after on the labor market, and fortunately, the democratization of the Internet has vastly improved the options for learning how to program easily and interactively. This article brings you a selection of platforms suitable for different levels to teach you how programming languages work, how to understand the mechanism behind an API and how to develop apps for iOS or Android.

Developers, User Experience / 30 August 2018


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