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Cloud storage, at the center of the APIs battle

Many companies today have their business based in the cloud, and in particular their data storage services. For all of them, APIs are essential if they want to win the battle of leadership and business creation. 

APIs / 17 December 2019
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How to use the Facebook API to grow your business

Facebook is still the largest social network in the world. Leveraging its size, it can reach audiences that were inaccessible to all platforms until now. More than 2 billion people are active and more than 1.5 billion use it every day. The company founded by Mark Zuckerberg has become indispensable for digital businesses across the planet. If you own a business, you must ponder your Facebook presence, at the very least to consider whether it can help you draw attention to your products or services. 

APIs, Business development, ERP / 16 December 2019
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How APIs are powering smart cities

Companies and institutions are coming together to develop smart cities as international meeting points and business hubs. Barcelona, New York, the Australian government or the EU for example have been using APIs to drive connected cities. Rudolf Giffinger, one of the world's leading experts in urban development, defines smart cities using six clearly separate criteria: economy, mobility, environment, administration, way of life and residents. Most cities in the world assess their characteristics as smart cities based on these values. 

APIs, Digital transformation / 03 December 2019
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