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Dark Data

Dark data is a new, old problem that has been known to analysts and statisticians for years. This refers to all the data and metadata not being gathered, structured and analyzed, and which form a constant waste of potentially valuable information that businesses are letting slip away.

APIs, Banking as a service / 16 July 2018
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Five must-read e-books on open source

If you want to know more about the open source philosophy, BBVAopen4u makes it easy for you with a selection of five e-books. They will bring you up to date and help you learn more about the regulation, use, advantages and fundamental role of open source as an engine for innovation.

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Ten Twitter accounts to keep up to date with APIs

Twitter offers an incredible amount of information and it's sometimes difficult to choose. To keep up to date in the world of APIs, you can save a lot of time if you follow certain accounts, in addition to serving as an interesting stimulus. This is a selection of 10 essential accounts for developers.

APIs, Banking as a service / 14 June 2018
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