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Open APIs, one of the six trends that will define the future of Fintech

Openness - the open APIs trend- will be one of the most significant in the Fintech industry in the upcoming months. This has been stated by the Institute of Digital Economics of the ESIC in a recent report that also includes the Web 4.0, ‘Social to Everything Media’, blockchain technology, authentication and B2C interfaces as its main topics.

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APIs for dummies: five easy ways to know more about them

What is an API? An API is a set of functions or procedures used by computer programs to access operating system services, software libraries, or other systems. However, there are other more attractive ways rather than this sober definition to know more about the benefits and uses of APIs. Websites, the media and specialized companies have attempted to explain it as didactically, graphically and creatively as possible. 

APIs, Banking as a service / 16 March 2018
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The future of APIs are conversation APIs

Current APIs are set to naturally evolve toward conversation APIs, interfaces that perform searches and provide responses to queries using natural language via conversational user interfaces. Innovation depends on early adoption of APIs as a means of launching products, and the integration of an open developer community within work processes. 

APIs, Banking as a service / 08 January 2018
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