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Verify your business customers and create business records

Our easy-to-use Business Verification service, powered by our Business API, enables you to verify and create a record on the bank’s core for end users that are businesses, associations, partnerships, sole proprietors, nonprofits or government agencies.

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Verify a business and its ownership

If you provide a regulated financial service in the U.S., you must verify certain information about your customer. For your business customers, the Know Your Business (KYB) process involves collecting and verifying data about the nature of the business and its owners.

Provide information about the business, its owners and control executives. Our Identity Verification service helps you verify the identity of the individuals – a prerequisite for using the Business Verification service. Our proprietary evaluation model will screen owners and control executives of the business and confirm if it is ready for documentary review.

We will also help verify a business customer by reviewing digital images of the customer’s business formation documents. You can use the API to send them to us. Once we have verified the business formation documents, the API will let you know if your customer is approved or declined.

What it offers

Advantages of the Business API

Onboard business customers

Our easy-to-use Business API helps you to complete the KYB process and create user records for business customers, nonprofits, associations and partnerships.

Proprietary screening

Enter basic information about your business customer’s owners and control executives and our proprietary evaluation model will screen watch lists, sanctions lists, social media, public records and private databases.

Bank-supported methodology

Our KYC and KYB Identity Verification methodology is supported by BBVA USA, a leading U.S. financial institution.

Simple verification process

Avoid collecting and verifying data from numerous sources. Provide information about your business customer, its ownership and its documentation and we’ll do the rest.

Digitally verify business documentation

Use our Business API to upload your customer’s business formation documents. Once we have verified the documents, we’ll let you know whether your customer is approved or declined.

White label service

Offer best-in-class customer service, while controlling the end user experience. Verify your business customers and offer access to banking services as a native part of your application.

Services at a glance

Our Business API offers:

Streamlined onboarding of business customers

Verify your business customer and create a user record

Proprietary evaluation

Enter information about the business and we will confirm whether your customer is approved or denied

Bank-supported methodology

Verification methodology supported by BBVA USA.

How does it work?

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