Cards API

Design, issue and manage debit cards for your customers under your own brand

Our Card Issuance service, powered by our Cards API, allows you to provide debit cards featuring your own brand to your individual and business customers and control your customer’s experience.

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Customize and control your customer’s card experience

Offering debit cards to your customers usually means finding a card provider, a payment processor and an integrated bank partner. With our integrated Card Issuance service, you can access all three in one place. Once your customer has created an account with us, use this simple API to issue and help manage debit cards for individual consumers, for businesses, or for your own business.

Provide debit cards featuring your brand and control your customer’s experience. Design your own cards, including customized embossing and packaging. Control fees, transaction limits and real-time push notifications, including new card authorizations and transactions.

Your customers will receive Visa® debit cards that can be used online, in store and fee-free at 40,000 Allpoint® and BBVA ATMs. You also have the option to issue digital-only virtual cards for e-commerce-only transactions, or instantly activate cards, which enables customers to make e-commerce transactions as soon as they are issued a card, before their physical cards arrive.

What it offers

Advantages of the Cards API

One seamless solution

Use our Cards API to offer your individual or business customers best-in-class, customized debit cards without the need for separate card and bank providers.

Configure card controls

Our Cards API lets you configure daily transaction limits for your customers’ debit cards and control fees and real-time notifications.

Advanced monitoring

Our advanced transaction monitoring and fraud system will score and approve or deny debit card transactions in real time to help keep you and your customers secure.

Physical and virtual cards

Offer debit cards to your customers under your own brand. You design the cards and packaging. Or offer virtual cards so your customers can make e-commerce transactions.

Self service tools

Provide your customers with self service tools. Allow them to block and unblock debit cards and create and manage their own PIN.

Collect transaction data

Our Cards API collects metadata about your customers’ debit card transactions in real time so you can better serve their needs.

Services at a glance

Our Cards API offers:

Customized cards

Offer debit cards to customers featuring your brand.

Card controls

Configure card controls to suit your needs. Provide self service tools to customers.

Real-time monitoring

Access transaction monitoring and fraud protection.

How does it work?

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