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You can elect to receive notifications about the APIs you use (Consumer, Business, Accounts, Cards or Move Money) or all transactions. You can subscribe to our notifications using either webhooks or SQS queues.

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Stay informed with our Notifications service

Stay on top of transaction, card, account, customer, business and Move Money activity by selecting the right notifications for your and your customers.

What it offers

Advantages of the Notifications API

Customers notifications

You can opt to receive these whenever an individual customer is created, a record is merged or the customer’s personal information or contact information changes.

Business notifications

You can opt to receive these whenever a business, nonprofit or government agency customer is created, when new business owners are added or deleted or the customer’s information changes.

Accounts notifications

You can opt to receive these whenever there is a change to an account: when it is opened, blocked, unblocked, or its data or status changes.

Transactions notifications

You can opt to receive these whenever a transaction is approved or declined, a hold on funds is set or released, any time a card transaction is posted (such as a purchase, ATM cash withdrawal or check deposit) or there is a non-card debit or credit transaction posted to an account (such as an ACH payment, deposit or account-to-account transfer). In most cases, you will receive two notifications with the same ID: one when transactions are authorized and one when they are posted. For fund holds, you will receive notifications when the hold is placed, removed and when funds are posted.

Cards notifications

You can opt to receive these whenever there is a change to a card: when it is blocked, unblocked, canceled, the pin is reset, the card limit changes or you issue a new card.

Move Money notifications

You can opt to receive these whenever the status of a Move Money transaction changes, such as when an ACH credit has been sent, funds from an ACH debit have been posted, an ACH or card payment has been returned or charged back, a bill payment has been disbursed to the payee, a check sent to a payee has cleared, or a card transaction has been settled.

Services at a glance

Our Notifications API offers:

Six different types of notification

Customers, Business, Accounts, Cards, Move Money and Transactions notifications are available. Choose to receive notifications about the services you use.

Customizable to suit your needs

Elect to receive some or all of the notifications available for each of the six different types.

Two delivery methods

You can elect to receive notifications via webhooks or an SQS queue.

How does it work?

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